EuPMS (Eugene Project Management Solution)

EuPMS is a project management tool that is realized based on the project management methodology of EuSM, ETOTECH’s own unique methodology.
EuPMS can support decision making of all stakeholders in projects by providing ALM system that can support all phase of SDLC.


     On-demand ALM support

  • Securing trace ability throughout the development period based on requirements
  • Controlling the change of configuration items and reinforcing management of them with configuration tools
  • Reinforcing the interface with development supporting tools

     Flexible tailoring

  • Dynamic menu allocation as a result of tailoring
  • Discussing the project standards in advance through the standard management
  • User-centric code management

     Decision-making by securing
     the visibility of development

  • Securing the visibility of development through the dashboard
  • Supporting the quantatative management of development based on metrics
  • Selecting metrics based on the measurement goals and upporting decision-making

     Continuous improvement through
     the project institutionalization

  • Managing artifacts derived as a result of executing the project
  • Securing the basis of continuous improvement by managing Best Practices/Lessons Learned through project evaluation
  • Executing project evaluation